Monday, February 15, 2010

Song: Best of Me Now...and the story behind the song

When I've posted poetry and song lyrics in past blog entries, people have told me about how sad or angry some of my words are. They're right. Most of my material is moody, sad, and angry. (I usually write songs and poetry when I feel depressed or upset. If I didn't I probably would have ended up in prison or in my grave).

Anyway this song, I've posted below is a change-of-pace. It shows I can be sexy, romantic, and passionate when I compose.

When you read the lyrics imagine lots of percussion, flamenco guitars, a South American ambience to the music. When you reach the bridge ("Love in the streets...") imagine an over-the-top Brazilian rhythm section going crazy and everyone dancing like crazy.

When you read the last verse imagine a fuzz tone electic guitar soloing in the background.

Oh yes, the last verse which has the line about peppers being hung? I had that lyric in my mind for a long time and was looking for the right song to use it. It comes from my travels to New Mexico where I visited old haciendas in Taos and saw peppers being hung about the hacienda for later use for cooking.

And now here's the song....

Best of Me Now

I lust for the heat of your body
I dance to the beat of your heart
I march down the streets of your memory
I drink because we played the wrong parts
Your flesh is soft and quivering
I taste of the juice of your vine
The ocean breeze leaves you shivering
You’re the cup I fill with my wine
We learn about love from the movies
We learn about life when we die
We learn that war isn’t groovy
We learn about trust when we lie

That’s the best that I’ve got
You got the best of me now
That’s the best that I’ve got
You got the best of me now

Love in the streets
Runs like blood
And it’s warm to the touch
Blood in the sheets
Like rivers of love
And it sweeps us in its rush
Gotta get it on! Gotta get it on! Gotta get it on!

The shot when you pulled my trigger
The wound in my heart that it left
You should’ve read the warning sticker
The path between your legs that it cleft
The meals we prepared were delicious
The peppers we hung became hot
The moments of tenderness were precious
The spices we stirred in the pot

That’s the best that I’ve got
You got the best of me now
That’s the best that I’ve got
You got the best of me now

© 03/10/2008 by Matthew DiBiase

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